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ABOUT Pippin & Seren

The Shelties at the Old Mill Cottage have a story to tell....

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Then one day a little Sheltie puppy
arrived at the Old Mill Cottage
to be a new friend for Pippin
because he was so lonely.

She was only two months old, and very beautiful
with her bright silver and grey coat,
and snow-white collar.
She was called Seren,
which is the Welsh word for Star.

One of the most important lessons
Pippin had learned, was to guard his garden
and inspect it all over each day
on the lookout for strange visitors .

He made it his job to patrol the garden,
sniffing around the bushes and flowers and fences
for smells of dogs, cats or rabbits, and around
the sheds, where unwanted mice or rats or
other creatures might be hiding beneath the floor.

Seren, of course, loved everybody
and she believed everybody loved her too.

She wanted so much to make friends with the little Water Wagtail birds
who trotted across the lawn all day, cheekily wagging their tails behind them,
but they just fluttered away whenever she came too near.


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