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AUTHOR Fred Clough


Fred Clough has been living in the Old Mill Cottage, in a small coastal village in Wales for 23 years. 
After retiring from a dedicated career as a teacher and University researcher in child psychology,
he moved with his wife Mair into the old cottage to create an abundant vegetable garden,
tend the old rambling apple orchard, and raise their much loved Shelties.
Born in 1931 in Canada, Fred Clough spent his childhood in Manchester UK,
where he climbed trees, played cricket, read avidly, and avoided the German bombs!
After an adventurous life including stints as a professional golfer, service in the Royal Marines in Malaya and the Middle East, raising three children, three grandchildren and one great grandson,
his most consuming hobby has been in competitive chess.
As a young man, Fred developed a love of literature, and whist he has published a number of psychological research papers and some chess magazine articles,
this is his first venture into fiction - with his stories about their dogs Pippin and Seren.

“Many of the events in the book are taken from real life experiences.
When the puppy Seren arrived at the cottage I was immediately fascinated by how
she and the old dog Pippin interacted. I felt an urge to put words into their mouths. 
From then on the story of their developing relationship took over
and grew beyond my original and more modest intentions.
With illustrations from my daughter Jen Delyth, a book was born.
I hope the reader might enjoy the stories as much as I enjoyed writing them!"

Fred, Mair and the Shelties enjoy participating in local Dog shows,
where Seren has achieved some early successes, although
winning Rosettes is becoming increasingly difficult as she competes at a higher level. 
Perhaps in the near future Seren might fulfill her other dream by having Sheltie puppies of her own!


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